Princess Mystery Box


Disney Princess Mystery Box Gift Cardboard Box


Disney Princesses Little Mermaid Sleeping Beauty Mulan Frozen Cinderela Rapunzel THEMED MYSTERY BOX
You never know what you might get in a Mystery Box!
There are 3 sizes available

SMALL (might contain):
- Pins
- Stickers
- Mouse Pad

MEDIUM (might contain):
- Pins
- Stickers
- Tote Bag or Mouse Pad
- T-shirt or Top

LARGE (might contain):
- Pins
- Stickers
- Tote bag or Mouse Pad
- Hoodie or 2 T-shirts

All BOXES contain extra surprise gifts! 

Perfect Gift for the people who "don't know what they want"

Value of gift is from 10€-40€ worth. 

Mystery Box Size
Shirt / Sweater Size

24H PROCESSING TIME                                         SECURE PAYMENT                                    SHIPPING FROM PORTUGAL

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