Destiny Titan Cosplay - Full Titan armor


A full set of Titan armor

The armor was inspired by the Titan character from the game poster.
It is accurate in the sense that each armor piece made out of reference screenshots from the game, but I combined multiple pieces of armor that would look the best, and closest to that iconic Titan character from the game poster.

NOTE ABOUT SIZING: The armor is a "one size fits all" we usually don't have any problems with sizing. We will ask you for some basic measurements to make sure it fits you! :) Each armor is custom made so we can make sure it fits every customer's needs.

It includes:
Chest armor (chest + abs, they are separate pieces to improve your mobility and comfort);
Cape (attached to the chest armor);
Shoulder pieces (each one is different check the pictures);
Bicep bands;
Arm guards;
Leg armor;
Shin and shoulder armor (all one piece);
Hood/scarf with faux fur;

I added some creative improvements, like red LED's behind a black metallic mesh, that make it look awesome like there is some kind of mechanism inside the armor that makes it red hot. The LED's are powered by a 9V battery, and there is a hidden switch underneath to turn the LED's off and on.
Usually, only Hunters wear cloaks, but the reference image from the poster makes it look like the Titan is wearing a clock that falls from one shoulder only, so I did exactly that.
The brand new version won't include the LEDs because it was my own creative choice, but if you want them too we can add them for a low upgrade price.

The entire thing is made out of premium high density EVA foam, sealed with high quality foam sealer, and painted with water based airbrush colors, so that you can bend without warping or cracking the paint.

The pictures refer to my own personal armor which is also for sale (option named Used Titan Armor), used only once for Comic Con Portugal.

I will update the listing with more detailed pictures.
If you want to purchase this set but want to check the other armor parts, message me I can send you pictures of the individual armor parts.

Important details:
You can customize the overall color of the armor, and with or without battle damage (no extra cost, just add what you want in the order notes).
It includes everything you see on the pictures of my own personal armor and will look identical to it - obviously each armor will be unique because it's hand crafted. The fabrics can also differ a little bit but they will always be the same level of quality and identical to the pictures. If there is any noticeable change we will message you first to make sure everything is to your liking.

  • We accept returns within 8 days of the purchase on standard items (non custom). Buyer pays for return shipping.

    We dont accept returns for custom made items (like armors, props with custom paintjobs or any customized item).

    Did your package arrive in poor condition and the product damaged?
    Show is pictures of the damaged packaging and item, we will send another one or refund your order (partially or fully, depending on the severity of the case).

  • We value our privacy as we value yours.

    Your information will be used exclusivily for the purpose of the delivery of the purchased product.
    No information will be shared with anyone, and only seen by the person processing your order for that reason only.

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