Cosplay Smoke Machine


A smoke machine for your prop / cosplay


This smoke machine is based of a "vape cigarette" and it does not include the required liquid to make smoke - we cannot include this because air shipping does not allow it.

If you do not specify any details in the order notes, we will send this smoke machine like the pictures but the button will have a 1 meter cable - this way you can place the smoke machine anywhere in your costume and it should be enough cable for you to put the button in a confortable place.

Let us know in the order notes if you need any customization like more, or less wiring for the button or something else.

You can find the liquid in any vape shop near you, just ask for "100% glicerine" or has they call "liquid base" - it's cheap and does not include any of the bad chemicals (like nicotine) and therefore safe to use. If you accidentally pour liquid on your skin or even inhale smoke, you should be fine because it's pure glicerine which is not hazardous for your health, but do not inhale it or put it in your skin on purpose!

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